Though Sandy and Mr. Krabs do not interact much, they are friendly towards each other on most occasions. Sandy is known to eat at the Krusty Krab and likes their food.

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Episodes as friends

Times of conflict

  • In "Life of Crime," Mr. Krabs is revealed to have stolen from Sandy, as SpongeBob points out to him.
  • In "Pressure," Mr. Krabs makes fun of Sandy for being a land creature.
  • In "Shopping List," after discovering that Mr. Krabs sent SpongeBob on a hunt for phony ingredients in dangerous locations, Sandy beats the former up and takes his bag of money.
  • In "Plankton Paranoia," due to his mentally insane behavior, Mr. Krabs comes to the conclusion that Sandy was secretly working for Plankton and bans her from the restaurant. At the end, it turns out that she, along with the rest of the gang, were planning a surprise party for him. Mr. Krabs feels remorseful for his actions and apologizes to his friends for banning them in the first place.
  • In "Surf N' Turf," Sandy needs advice from Mr. Krabs on building a proper ship-in-a-bottle to win a contest. However, in reality, he has no intention of helping her win and wants the prize money for himself. So, while Sandy is sleeping, he sabotages her treedome and turns it into his own ship-in-a-bottle. When Sandy realizes what he did, she gets angry with him and chases after him all over Bikini Bottom. After a few struggles, she manages to stop Mr. Krabs from stealing the prize money and miraculously manages to win when she gets herself shoved in her helmet. At the end, she punishes Mr. Krabs for his malicious actions and forces him to do long hours of community service, starting with building a temporary tree.
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