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If you were looking for the article about the real world house, then see Sandy's treedome.

Sandy's treedome is a location that appears in the comic Bikini Bottom 2.


It is similar to that of Sandy's treedome from the regular world, but it is shielded, similar to when the normal treedome sometimes gets shielded during a crisis.

Role in comic

SpongeBob ends up near the treedome when he first spawns into the world of Bikini Bottom 2. Later, Super SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Man try to help SpongeBob pull Sandy Evil-Cheeks, but end up pulling Sandy in the Bikini Bottom 2 world too. In the end, SpongeBob ends up spawning a bunch of characters from all different universes into the Bikini Bottom 2 universe with the portal in Sandy's treedome, where all the characters facepalm due to SpongeBob's stupidity.
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