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"Sandy's song" is the fourth song in the TV movie "Atlantis SquarePantis." Sandy sings this song when she is inside the scientific area and inside an 8-bit video game.


Sandy: Look out, germs! The end is near!
Your days are numbered, 'cause Sandy's here!
I'll get these germs, and make 'em pay,
With some good old fashioned kah-rah-tay! Hi-yah!
If I borrow some elements from the periodic table,
I can mix up a brew that is sure to disable
Any virus, bug, or sniffle
That steps into my path,
And make them feel my microscopic wrath!


  • The way Sandy warps into the video game is similar to the way some of the characters in the Mega Man franchise of video games enter or exit levels.
  • In the video game "Mission Start: The Germ Warrior," one can see a code that says 1991 © Nickelodeon Inc. The title screen and title are a parody of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • When Sandy fights the germs, it is a parody of the Dr. Mario series.
  • When Sandy is dancing with a germ, they did the famous cheat code Konami Code.
  • Warp pipes appear in this song, which also appear in several of the Mario games.
  • When Sandy ground-pounds on a germ, she does it the same way Mario ground-pounds in the Super Mario Brothers games.