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Sandy's rocket is a rocket built by Sandy that first appears in the episode of the same name.


The rocket has a grayish-blue and white body with red fins at the bottom that also support the rocket. It also has an antenna on the top. The rocket is about three stories tall and roughly cylindrical.

Inside, the rocket has a series of buttons and control panels to cause various functions to it.

Role in series

"Sandy's Rocket"

SpongeBob goes to Sandy's treedome and is startled by seeing the rocket there. Sandy explains to him that she is going to the Moon for science purposes, and SpongeBob gets excited and asks if he can go. Sandy caves in, due to SpongeBob's incessant nagging, and SpongeBob goes back home to prepare for the trip.

Patrick comes along in the middle of the night and hands SpongeBob some Alien-Out! to keep aliens away. He and SpongeBob go to Sandy's treedome to spray the windows, but Patrick opens the rocket door and the two explore the rocket. They accidentally start the rocket and fly around the Moon a couple times before coming back to Bikini Bottom.

The two think that they are actually on the Moon and think that all the Bikini Bottomites are aliens. They net each one and store them in the rocket. SpongeBob takes the rocket out of Bikini Bottom and to the Moon, thinking that the Moon is home. The rocket runs out of fuel and crashes on the surface of the moon. He realizes his mistake as he looks out the window.

Employee of the Month (video game)

It is used to go to Neptune's Paradise, although it crashes in Bottom's Up! because it ran out of fuel.


It is used by Sandy to get to the moon for her vacation, which SpongeBob accidentally joins. While at the moon, SpongeBob breaks the fuel tank, forcing the two to try to quickly get back to Earth before the fuel complete tanks out.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers

The rocket is Sandy's vehicle, though it is modified to function as a race car with a driver's seat and wheels. It can be customized with different paint jobs, wheels, engines, gliders, and floaters.

"Goons on the Moon"

It is used to get to the moon for Sandy, SpongeBob, Pearl, and Squidina's experiment there.