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Sand Stadium is an arena that is well known for its musical performances and appears in the video game Lights, Camera, Pants!. It is said to be the home for quality music in Bikini Bottom.



The exterior of the stadium contains gray concrete walls, a gate for people to enter/exit, and headlights that light up the arena.


The interior of the stadium has blue seats, a stage that resembles a pirate ship, sound systems, and a red curtain that hangs at the top of the stage.

Role in game

The Sand Stadium is the first setting for the beginning half of the New Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episode. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy go here to watch a musical performance, but Mermaid Man thinks it is a football game. However, when the show starts, the Sand Stadium completely vanishes and drives everyone into a panic. People believe that Mermaid Man destroyed the stadium with his belt and falsely arrested him along with Barnacle Boy.

Soon after, it is discovered that the Sand Stadium was actually stolen by an infamous criminal called the Sneaky Hermit.
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