Samantha Star is the debatably existant older sister of Patrick Star and the daughter of Herb Star and Margie Star. She is very overprotective of her brother and is shown to have anger issues. She first appears in Big Sister Sam She is also described by Squidward as being bigger and dumber then Patrick himself and indeed acts like very savage and uncivilized since she speaks in short sentences and has super strength. Like Patrick, she is also voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.


  • In "Something Smells", Patrick panics in the bathroom from bad breath and says to SpongeBob, "What am I going to tell my sister?! Oh, wait, I don't have a sister." And yet it is later shown that he does have a sister. Either episode may be apocryphal, though due to his low IQ this true may mean this is true. However, Patrick is not dumb enough to forget his sister.
  • Another thing, in Rule of Dumb, a diagram of the entire house of Star is seen excluding Sam in it, showing that Patrick is the only child of Herb and Margie Star.
  • One possibility is that Sam is adopted and Patrick would sometimes refrain from calling her sister and she would logically be excluded on the chart.
  • Another possibility is that there are two seperate universes within SpongeBob. Other errors of continuity supporting this fact is that SpongeBob sometimes has a spine and sometimes doesn't. Sometimes the Krusty Krab is to the right of SpongeBob's house and sometimes to the left. If that's the case, Something Smells and Rule of Dumb would take place in the same reality and would be seperate from Big Sister Sam. The above theories have yet to be confirmed though.
  • Yet another possibility is that Sam Star is from a previous relationship of one of her parents, presumably her mother considering the family tree in Rule of Dumb. She may be significantly older than Patrick, and not have lived with him for very long, which could lead to him forgetting about her.
  • She probaly likes Spongebob more than Squidward because she tried to stop Squidward from destroying the rock and she only hurt him 2 times.

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