"Salty Krab Jig" was composed by Michael Bolger and Nicolas Carr. The instrument being played in the piece is an accordion.


  • 199a. "Sold!" - Squidward leaves the Krusty Krab.
  • 204a. "Mutiny on the Krusty" - SpongeBob reminds everyone that Mr. Krabs invented the Krabby Patty.
  • 214b. "Out of the Picture" - "I don't know how you talked me into this art show, SpongeBob, but I'm shutting this thing down right now!"
  • 219b. "Larry the Floor Manager" - Mr. Krabs leaves Larry in charge; the ending.
  • 228b. "Grandmum's the Word" - Mr. Krabs swallows the Krabby Patty secret formula.
  • 248a. "The Krusty Bucket" - PlanKrab takes out the trash.
  • 254-255. "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout" - Mr. Slabs kicks Mr. Charleston into the trash.
  • 256a. "SpongeBob in RandomLand" - Squidward tells Krabs they don't deliver anything to RandomLand; "...don't mean The Krusty Krab won't attempt to take their money!"; SpongeBob sees Krabs opening one of the doors.
  • 257b. "Breakin'" - SpongeBob takes some sausages and puts them in a microwave.
  • 258a. "Boss for a Day" - SpongeBob makes another slice of himself to be the new cashier.

(with castanets)

  • 127b. "I ♥ Dancing" - SpongeBob dances while cooking Krabby Patties.

(with percussion)

  • 195b. "Larry's Gym" - Mr. Krabs steals a workout machine


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