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The SWAT Team is a unit of Bikini Bottom's protection that first appears in the episode "The Thing."


The SWAT Team consists of different colored and sized fish, who usually wear blue vests, white helmets with a light blue face guard, and light brown pants. Most often they come with weapons in their hands as well.


Some units are specialized in riot control, and others are in the K9 group and use guard worms. Security units are in charge of delivering top-secret items like the Krabby Patty secret formula in "Patty Caper." In the episode "Banned in Bikini Bottom," a squadron of units were seen clearing out the banned Krabby Patties.

Special units

In the episode "Fungus Among Us," there are special units called hazmat physicians. If a target happens to be in need of quarantine, a hazmat physician assists the SWAT Team in retrieving it.



  • SWAT batons
  • Harpoon guns
  • Riot shields


  • SWAT helicopter
  • SWAT armored truck