Rusty Scupper is a minor character who appears in the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions of Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.


He is a lavender-colored fish with a beard and black eyes. He wears a white, yellow, and black cap, a beige-yellow shirt, dark blue pants, and black and red shoes.


He is the owner of an unnamed bait shop who holds a jellyfishing competition at Jellyfish Fields to sponsor its business, and would later sell bottles to anyone wishing to capture the Flying Dutchman at Goo Lagoon.

Role in game

SpongeBob first encounters Rusty at Jellyfish Fields, where he runs a jellyfishing competition while holding a zoo of racing snails and a reef blower inside. If SpongeBob catches 100 jellyfish and brings them back to Rusty, he will reward him with the reef blower inside. However, as soon as SpongeBob puts it on him, the zoo gates go down and the racing snails, who were frightened by the reef blower, escape, upsetting Rusty. SpongeBob manages to make it up by hurdling all the racing snails back into the zoo. As a result, Rusty rewards him with a letter.

SpongeBob would later meet up with Rusty at Goo Lagoon, where he is selling magic bottles for anyone interested in imprisoning the Flying Dutchman. SpongeBob must bring him 300 sand dollars for a new bottle that would imprison the Dutchman, however, Rusty would not let SpongeBob in until he turns on the beacon at the Lighthouse since the captain of the ship has been having eye trouble and relies on the lighthouse's light to keep him on course.

After the pier is destroyed by the Flying Dutchman, who had hijacked the ship and crashed it into the pier, SpongeBob never receives his bottle until he rescues all his friends who were captured by the Dutchman by the end of the game, and Rusty decides to head back to Jellyfish Fields since there is nothing else he could do here.


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