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The Rusty Cab driver is a character who first appears in the episode "Little Yellow Book."


He is a purple fish with green arms, a lime green fin, and wears a gray shirt and a red cap.

Role in series

"Little Yellow Book"

Squidward is about to get into a taxi, but the driver drives away because Squidward read SpongeBob's diary.

"Man Ray Returns"

He drops Man Ray off in front of Squidward's house.

"The String"

After SpongeBob makes the Krusty Krab sign's letters fall down, the Rusty Cab driver pulls up and asked if he was called. He then drives off after SpongeBob's reply, only to be flattened after his cab is unraveled.

"The Hankering"

When SpongeBob tries to follow Mr. Krabs, he hails the Rusty Cab driver's taxi, asks the driver to follow Krabs, and latches onto the taxi's underside. When the driver gets SpongeBob to Mr. Krabs' location, he apologises for the hazardous journey, and a mangled SpongeBob pays him before passing out.
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