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The Rusty Anchor is a bar that appears in the video game Employee of the Month. It is owned by Big-Mac Lemont, who is the bartender of this bar.



The bar is a big rusty anchor with some holes and dents in it. It has some casting net and a big light string. The entrance door is made out of wood with two metal handles. There is a round window on either side of the door. The entrance also features a green canopy with holes in it. It also has a sign with the name of the bar imprinted onto it in orange and yellow letters. This sign is mounted to the anchor with some chains.

The location also has a parking spot with a wooden sign in the shape of an arrow reading "Parking" in a yellow font. The parking lots are separated by yellow lines.


The inside walls are made out of metal sheets bolted together. For additional strength, there are wooden pillars with round arches and metal capitals. The bar is located at the top end of the room. The bar is a wooden semicircle with a metal skirting and has four stools made out of what looks to be hay and bamboo. Behind the bar, mounted to the walls by some chains, is a shelf with a TV on it and some small anchors as decoration. Under this shelf are two big barrels.

On the wall right to the bar are some colored tiki looking masks. On the right to those masks, there is a round passage leading to the toilets. In this passage is an anchor which functions as a clock and two signs with red symbols on it for the different gender toilets. Also, the same wall with the passage features nine picture frames.

The inside also has at least three metal tables for customers to sit on with tires as seats.

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