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"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 3. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick take care for a baby scallop.



After encountering each other and hearing a noise as they say goodbye to each other, SpongeBob and Patrick hear a noise in the middle of a coral plant, which both of them suspect is one another, but neither SpongeBob nor Patrick are making the noise. They then realize that it was a baby scallop in the middle of the plant making the noise, who is all alone and helpless with no parental guardian, and has yet to develop the ability to fly. SpongeBob and Patrick take it in the former's house and name it "Junior," and raise it as a baby child of their own, with SpongeBob being the mother and Patrick being the father.

SpongeBob and Patrick, walking out of the house and taking Junior for a stroll.

Afterwards, a montage of SpongeBob and Patrick going out dressed as parents, taking Junior on various adventures, is shown. They then return home at night and put Junior to sleep in a cradle in SpongeBob's bedroom, soon going to sleep themselves.

The next morning, Patrick eats breakfast and then explains that he has to go to work since he is the father, thus leaving SpongeBob to do all the housework. He promises to give SpongeBob a break when he gets home. Eventually, he returns home only to be exhausted from work, and then tiredly decides to sit on the chair and watch TV for the rest of the night. This goes on for several days until SpongeBob cannot take it anymore.

SpongeBob exhausted.

SpongeBob angrily lashes out at Patrick. He then furiously shows him all the diapers that Junior used. Patrick, feeling remorse, then realizes the error of his ways and promises to come home at 6:00 PM and give SpongeBob the whole night off.

However, Patrick returns at 12:00 AM from a party at work. SpongeBob is not happy and angrily confronts him on his broken promise as the latter gets annoyed with his constant nagging. SpongeBob angrily follows Patrick, who angrily said that he was going back to work, only to find out that "work" consists of Patrick watching television under his rock all day. The duo then gets into an endless argument until they see Junior jumping out a two-story window. They immediately try to catch him, but fail and begin crying for him, believing him to be dead and proclaiming themselves "bad parents." However, they then realize that Junior is alive and well, and has learned to fly. After Junior kisses SpongeBob and flies away, Patrick demands a kiss from Junior, who drops a coconut on the former's head to get back at him for his laziness, but still gives him a kiss. After the parents say goodbye to their son, they are proud to have looked after him. Patrick suggests having another baby, and SpongeBob makes a shocked face (knowing that he will probably do the same thing when they were taking care of him) while the episode ends there.

Running gags

  • Patrick watching someone getting hit on the head with a coconut.
    • Patrick himself gets hit on the head with a coconut by Junior at the end of the episode.
  • Patrick keeps breaking promises with SpongeBob.
  • SpongeBob working on his chores.




 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Rocka Bye Baby M Box Style - Nicolas Carr [Title card]
  Dancing The Hula - Kapono Beamer [newspaper]
  Idea Vibe - Nicolas Carr ["What did you say?"]
  ? Vibes - Nicolas Carr [Baby scallop revealed]
  Alekoki - Kapono Beamer [SpongeBob brings the scallop into his house]
  Stand-Up Comic C - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy [rimshot]
  Cym Splash Hit - Nicolas Carr [rimshot]
  Pudding Ballet - Rick Cassman, Vyvyan Hope-Scott [feeding the scallop]
  Scared Stiff - John Fox [Scallop cries]
  Harp! - Nicolas Carr [shot of scallop wearing diaper]
  Tympup A - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy ["...this would be kind of shocking."]
  Dapper Don - Frank Chacksfield [montage of SpongeBob and Patrick playing with the scallop]
  South Sea Island Lullaby - George Elliott [that night...]
  Screw on the Loose - Tony Lowry [breakfast]
  Hawaiian Link (B) - Richard Myhill [Patrick comes home from work]
  Screw on the Loose - Tony Lowry ["Oh, great, you're home."]
  The Bachelor Life (A) - Laurie Johnson [Patrick watching TV]
  Screw on the Loose - Tony Lowry [tomorrow...]
  The Bachelor Life (A) - Laurie Johnson [Patrick watching TV again]
  Dramatic Climax - Mike Sunderland [dirty diapers]
  Dramatic Impact (3) - Ivor Slaney ["I had no idea!"]
  On The Beach - Kapono Beamer [Patrick saying he'll be home at 6:00]
  Lonely Heart's Club A - David Bell, Otto Sieben [12:00 midnight]
  The Bachelor Life (A) - Laurie Johnson [Patrick watching TV at home]
  Dramatic Cue (H) - Ronald Hanmer ["Junior!"]
  Dramatic Cue (C) - Ronald Hanmer [Scallop jumps out of window]
  Island Romance - Jan Rap ["We're bad parents!"]
  Grass Skirts Blowing (Hilo March) - The Hawaiian Serenaders [ending]



  • "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" was ranked #89 during the Best Day Ever event from November 9–10, 2006.
  • Due to SpongeBob and Patrick's "relationship" in this episode, many people insisted that this episode is promoting gay marriage.[4] However, in real life, sponges are not really male or female, so SpongeBob adopting the mother role in this episode is perfectly normal for a "male" sponge.
  • "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" was ranked #10 during the SpongeBob's Top 100 event in the UK and Ireland from June 4-8, 2012.



  • This is the third episode where SpongeBob lets an animal besides Gary and Shelley stay at his house. The first was "Jellyfish Jam," and the second was "My Pretty Seahorse."
  • The title card background of this episode is similar to those of "Nature Pants," "MuscleBob BuffPants," "Scaredy Pants," "Karate Choppers," and "Your Shoe's Untied," except there are clams and clips added.
  • When SpongeBob is wearing hair rollers on his head, he has orange hair.
  • This episode has the most time cards with a total of five. These include "Tomorrow," "Tomorrow for sure...," "Eventually...," "Uhhh...," and "12:00 midnight."
    • The time cards were said after the last word SpongeBob and Patrick said except for "12:00 Midnight" in which the last word said was "6:00."
  • When SpongeBob shows funny faces, you can see the side of his head before he reveals he is using a puppet.
  • The word "bivalve" is another name for a mollusk, an oyster, or a clam.
  • Patrick reveals he has worn diapers for almost a year after changing Junior for the first time, but in most of his other appearances, he is shown wearing tighty-whities. Another time he was seen wearing diapers was in "Money Talks."
  • When the last pile of diapers is shown, it is on top of Squidward's house.

Patrick's breakfast.

  • Patrick's large breakfast that SpongeBob made appears to have the following:
    • Kelpo cereal (albeit a different variety than normally shown)
    • Some cereal with rounded torus shapes for the cereal, with milk
    • Eggs with bacon and hash-browns on the side
    • Butter on toast
    • Coffee in a mug that shows the words "Dad's Mug"
    • Orange juice
    • Pancakes with butter
    • Blueberry muffins
    • A container full of sausages
Rock-a-Bye Bivalve 160.png
  • The time card that reads "12:00 Midnight" is similar to the title cards of "Big Pink Loser," the "Day Four" time card from "Band Geeks," and "The Algae's Always Greener."
  • In the Croatian dub, the episode's name is "Spavaj mi Spavaj Školjkice," which translates to "Sleep You Sleep Bivalve."[citation needed]
  • Irony: Given that SpongeBob has a job at the Krusty Krab, he should have let Patrick watch Junior while he went out instead of the other way around, or brought Junior to work.
  • The "Uhhh..." time card uses the same background as the title card for "SpongeGuard on Duty," except without the lifeguard rescue tube.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob claims Patrick never wore a shirt. However, Patrick has worn a shirt in "Neptune's Spatula" and "Big Pink Loser."
  • SpongeBob screaming, "Overtime?!" and making a face has become an internet meme.
  • This episode was paired with different episodes:
  • The "Tomorrow" time card is similar to the title card of "Opposite Day" and "Can You Spare a Dime?," except darker.
  • The "Tomorrow for Sure..." time card is similar to the title cards of "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost," "Rock Bottom," and "Graveyard Shift."
  • The "Eventually..." time card background is similar to the title cards of "Shanghaied" and "Club SpongeBob."
  • Squidward's house is seen twice in the episode. But just like "Dumped," Squidward himself doesn't make a physical appearance.

Cultural references

  • The worm's "We will bury you!" line is taken to from Nikita Kruschev's speech in which he took off his shoe and slammed it on the podium saying in Russian "America, we will bury you."[7]
  • The title is a pun on "Rock-a-Bye Baby" since the title is referring to the baby clam.
  • The Serbian title, "Uspavanka za Ljuskara M," is a pun on the title of the album, "Uspavanka za Radmilu M.", by ex-Yugoslav rock band Bijelo Dugme.


  • Junior's mouth stops moving when he is crying and it does not match the lip sync on his mouth.

SpongeBob's black tie.

  • After the "Tomorrow" time card, SpongeBob is shown with a black tie, but it changes back to red in the next scene.
  • When Junior is in SpongeBob's pants, SpongeBob is in his underwear. When he goes to feed him, SpongeBob's pants are back on.
  • Unless the motor on Gary's skateboard was connected to the wheels on the underside, then it should not have been able to move.

SpongeBob's right arm is transparent.

  • When SpongeBob says "We need a box for him to sleep in," his right arm is transparent.

Patrick's offset mouth.

  • When Patrick says "Just call me daddy!," his mouth moves out of place to the left, and then back into place a few seconds later.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick run to catch Junior as he jumps out the window, SpongeBob can be heard saying "Come to Daddy," but SpongeBob is the "Mommy."
  • When Patrick says "Something about root beer, right?", SpongeBob's arm is missing for a frame.

SpongeBob is missing his left arm.

  • During the close-up of Patrick's briefcase, SpongeBob's left arm is missing.
  • After SpongeBob takes off his clothes so Junior could sleep in them, he still has his sleeves in the next scene.