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Not to be confused with SpongeTron.
Get welded.
— Robot SpongeBob, "Welcome to the Chum Bucket"

Robot SpongeBob is a robotic version of SpongeBob SquarePants that was created by Plankton. He first appears in the episode "Welcome to the Chum Bucket." Another SpongeBob robot appears in "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?," and yet another SpongeBob robot appears in the episode "Plankton Retires."


"Welcome to the Chum Bucket"

He is a darkish yellow metallic bipedal robot that looks similar to SpongeBob except for his lightbulb eyes, a metal bolt for his nose, a frowning mouth with glowing teeth, and a tail pipe behind him. One of the largest differences between SpongeBob and Robot SpongeBob is that the latter has a transparent glass container on his head that is filled with fluids, and he can hold SpongeBob's brain so that Plankton can get a Krabby Patty. Robot SpongeBob also has one arm that looks like a spatula and another that is a metal pincer.

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

He looks like SpongeBob, just that he is put together with metal.

"Plankton Retires"

He has the same general appearance as SpongeBob but he is made of metal and he has no porous holes on his body structure.

Role in series

"Welcome to the Chum Bucket"

Robot SpongeBob is created by Plankton to force SpongeBob into making a Krabby Patty and is confirmed as plan B. A few months after Plankton had failed to win the card games he played with Mr. Krabs, he had finally succeeded by cheating, resulting in Mr. Krabs letting SpongeBob work at the Chum Bucket.

SpongeBob does not have the proper ingredients to cook a Krabby Patty, but he was to be treated with compassion and understanding. Later, SpongeBob tricks Plankton by becoming less disciplined and insulting him.

This prompts an enraged response from Plankton, resulting in him removing SpongeBob's brain and placing it in Robot SpongeBob's head. Plankton programs the robot to make a Krabby Patty, but SpongeBob takes control of it by making the robot berate Plankton and exhibit laziness.

Following all his backfired attempts to get SpongeBob to make a Krabby Patty for him, Plankton gives up and just returns the brain to its original owner.

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

Robot SpongeBob is seen at the Krusty Krab, in the kitchen. The real SpongeBob kicks him when he finds out that the Frozen Krabby Patties contain sand.

"Plankton Retires"

When Plankton starts his vacation, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob follow him to a hotel. It is soon revealed that Plankton was a robot the entire time, and the real one is at the Krusty Krab. However, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are revealed to be robots as well, and the real ones stop Plankton. With nothing left to do, the robots hang out and later explode.

"Karen's Virus"

He makes a cameo appearance during Karen's memory.

Role in video games

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game

He also appears in the PC version of the video game, where Plankton must distract him to grab the jetpack without being crushed. Later, SpongeBob must avoid being seen by him in a maze while grabbing Krabby Patties.

Lights, Camera, Pants!

He appears in the PC version.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

One of the levels exclusive in the PSP version of the game has SpongeBob and Plankton, who is still pretending to help, chase the robot imposter who Mr. Krabs mistook as the real SpongeBob and gave the formula to him. Each time SpongeBob catches up with the machine, he gets trapped and protected by several waves of robot minions and previously fought mini-bosses.

After finally cornering the robot with no more backups, the robot suddenly turns into a generic hammer robot and slams the confused sponge, knocking him out. This causes SpongeBob in the real world to remember the formula's location and wakes up, albeit overloading the Plankton's special memory machine and destroying him.

SpongeBob SquigglePants

The B-Movie nanogame "Patties Up!" includes the Robot SpongeBob from "Welcome to the Chum Bucket." The player must swipe on the uDraw Tablet or the Nintendo 3DS touch screen to make him flip a patty, completing the nanogame.

Role in books

Funny-Side Up: A Tasty Joke Book

A fake movie poster of him can be seen.


LEGO version

  • It can be argued that Robot SpongeBob and the original SpongeBob are the same person because they use the same brain.
  • There's a look-alike of Robot SpongeBob which is similar to his featured in the Chum Bucket LEGO set.
  • He is called two other names: "RobotBob SpongeChefPants" and "RoboSponge."
  • Robot SpongeBob is also named "SpongeBot SquareShiftPants," which is not to be confused with SpongeBot SteelPants.
  • Part of the control panel of Glove World in "Tunnel of Glove" looks just like the robot.
  • The robot is similar to Frankenstein's monster, because in the story, Victor Frankenstein uses corpse body parts to make the monster come to life. SpongeBob's brain is transferred into the robot to give it sentience in "Welcome to the Chum Bucket."
  • ToyBob from "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" is similar, if not an updated version of Robot SpongeBob.