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Robo-Squidward,[1] also known as Squid Vicious, is a boss in the Game Boy Advance version of Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. It was planned as a potential boss battle in the console versions of the original game, but was scrapped at some point in development. Rehydrated brings back Robo-Squidward as the source of the robots in the game's multiplayer horde mode.


Robo-Squidward's appearance is similar to a big metallic version of Squidward. The head has six metal screws sticking out, two for each side of the head. The body resembles Squidward's shirt with a removable panel on the middle. Four holes that resemble shirt sleeves are present on both sides of the robot. Unlike Squidward, the robot lacks tentacles and instead has four metallic versions of his hands and suction cups that hover around his body.

Role in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom

In the Game Boy Advance version of Battle for Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob meets Squidward at the Industrial Park. After Squidward asks SpongeBob on what he is doing, he sees and hears a blue music note fall down and comments on its beautiful sound. SpongeBob suddenly notices the giant robot that is standing near them the entire time, calling it "another big ugly robot."

The robot will send one of its spiked metallic hands downward after following SpongeBob for a while. SpongeBob has to use the seahorse to eat the bomb robots and ride on the hand as it rises back and immediately vomits the bomb out to damage the head. Occasionally, the robot will shoot music notes that will explode upon contact.

After three hits, the head will fly around while shooting music notes. The tactic remains the same. Occasionally, underwear will appear in the middle.

After destroying the robot, Squidward complains about how SpongeBob destroys everything that is beautiful while also insulting his lack of taste in music.


Robo-Squidward appears in the background, in the multiplayer mode. Clearing islands will damage its tentacles. After completing the horde mode, Robo-Squidward's final tentacle will be destroyed and the robot will fall into the goo. There is no direct battle with Robo-Squidward.


Unlockable concept art in the console version.

  • Unlike all of the bosses in the Game Boy Advance version, Robo-Squidward's art style is pure sprite art rather than pre-rendered sprites.
  • In the Game Boy Advance version, the robot is called Squid Vicious, which is a reference to musician Sid Vicious.
  • It is the only enemy or boss character shown to be immune to goo.


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