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Robo-Patrick is the second robot boss in the video games Battle for Bikini Bottom and Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated.



Besides being much larger, Robo-Patrick has little difference in body shape from the real Patrick. His shorts are dark green with red skulls where the purple flowers should be. There are two antennae sticking out of both sides of his head. On his back is a "Kick Me Here!" sign conveniently covering the self-destruct button that will only trigger if struck enough times. He has one small black wheel through each foot and metal fangs in his mouth and he carries a drum full of toxic waste like an ice cream cone.

In the remake (Rehydrated), Robo-Patrick no longer has his fangs and instead has a white-slab as his row of teeth, along with his mouth now opening via a metal plate flapping over akin to a bottom lip. Other than that, the seems on his plating are more visible along with having his joints on his arms each be connected by tubes (as well as his stomach to his shorts). He also has a lighter shade of green for his shorts. The bottom-center metal plate on his stomach (where his navel is) now stretches out away from him whenever he uses his ice breath attack as another form of detail (which is an asset expansion of the same metal belly plate from some versions of his original model).

Game Boy Advance version

The robot's shorts are the same as the console version, but the colors are inverted to the normal Patrick's scheme; only the skulls are still red. The robot also has red glass eyes with white blank "pupils" and a large signal antenna on the back of its head. It also has a large jellyfishing net with a black shaft, and has no wheels.

Role in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom/Rehydrated

In the console versions of the original Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Rehydrated, the player can fight Robo-Patrick after earning 40 Golden Spatulas. He appears attacking Squidward with his ice-cream cone and then proceeds to freeze him in a block of ice. It is up to SpongeBob and Sandy to defeat him and rescue Squidward; doing so will earn the player a Golden Spatula and unlock the Cruise Bubble move for SpongeBob.

He also appears in the Game Boy Advance version at Jellyfish Fields, chasing SpongeBob and Mystery. The player has to spit or jump on Bomb-Bot to defeat Robo-Patrick.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game

He can be seen on a picture frame during the level "Sundae Driving."

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

A picture of Robo-Patrick can be seen by a skeleton in the Rock Bottom level in a cave, this is only in the PSP version.



Main article: Industrial Park

Game Boy Advance

In the Game Boy Advance version, Robo-Patrick will try to strike SpongeBob with its net while chasing him all over Jellyfish Fields. Like most of the other robot bosses, SpongeBob rides on Mystery and must not get off of her. The objective is to flee the robot while swallowing bomb-robots on the way with Mystery, then spit them back at the robot to damage it; they must not be missed or otherwise, a dead-end will be reached.

Touching the robot will mean instant death, thus SpongeBob must not slack.



  • Spitting industrial waste: Robo-Patrick will lick his "toxic-cream" and then spit a drop of ooze at his target. Similar to some projectile attacks in the game, they will always hit certain areas to intercept SpongeBob or Sandy, so learning to bait the attack is key. In the 3rd phase, Robo-Patrick will quickly use this attack right after his freeze breath, and if SpongeBob is frozen, the attack will both damage and free SpongeBob from his state.
    • In the remake, this attack's flight path is somewhat changed.
    • Toxic upchuck: A variation of this attack occurs in phase 2, when Robo-Patrick pulls down the switch to unleash extra toxic waste/increasing the pool level from the tanker above the arena as he simultaneously drinks from it. Upon landing, he then belches a stream of industrial waste oozes at Sandy. This can be easily avoided by swinging on the Texas trailer hitches.
      • In the remake, Robo-Patrick somehow does not have the poured-down-waste fall into his mouth, making it rather unknown how he is able to belch out such a large supply of toxic waste. The attack also starts up a bit faster after he pulls the switch. The robot also no longer taunts when he connects with this which would interrupt his belching like in the original, and now only does so after doing the singular spit attack if the prior belch stream landed a hit.
  • Ice breath: Only in the third phase, the robot will perform its ice breath to refreeze SpongeBob, freezing him in place if hit.
    • The animation for this attack is somehow different as Robo-Patrick breathes out differently akin to hissing it out instead of puffing it out. The attack also occurs sooner.
  • Industrial waste spin: After performing all his attacks, the robot will wind up and spin around the arena via taking advantage of the wheels on his legs, while firing off toxic projectiles at every direction. The player can receive damage by making contact with the projectiles or Robo-Patrick if the player enters the first level of the den. Upon doing so, the attack is interrupted and Robo-Patrick will repeat his attack cycle after his taunt. Upon finishing this attack, Robo-Patrick will end up dizzy, and fall on his bottom where his back is vulnerable and can be hit with various attacks before he gets back up. Where he ends up dizzy after the attack finishes tends to be dependent on SpongeBob or Sandy's current positioning at the time.
    • In the remake, Robo-Patrick seems to have a slight bounce during his spin, while also going into it sooner after his spit attack. He also spins around somewhat slower and after the attack finishes, Robo-Patrick will always move back to the center of the den in a predictable fashion.
  • "Ice-Cream Cone" smash: Robo-Patrick will smash his ice-cream cone on the floor to release multiple projects. This attack is short-range and can be avoided by keeping a distance. Only within the first phase.
    • In the remake, it is changed into a cone-swat instead, and the projectiles have reduced in size, all fly out at the same time, and overall the attack appears to be severely nerfed in range.

Game Boy Advance

  • Net strike: Robo-Patrick will strike SpongeBob with his jellyfish net when he gets too close.


  • His portrait in the original console version is an altered version of the normal Patrick's artwork during his freak-out in "Valentine's Day." The shirt is removed and the ice cream cone is changed. The colors are altered to match the robot's scheme, as well as having green sclera. This full artwork can be seen on some of the hittable TVs in some buildings on the Bikini Bottom hub level.
    • Said altered artwork can be seen during the level "Sundae Driving" from the movie game on the console.
  • In the original console versions, Robo-Patrick has a provocation gesture - specifically a "come at me/bring it on" hand gesture - that goes unused in the final game, seen in one of his images.