Robo-Patrick is the second robot boss in the video games Battle for Bikini Bottom. he also make a cameo appearance in the The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.



Robo-Patrick has little difference in body shape from the real Patrick. His shorts are black with red skulls where the purple flowers should be. There are two antennae sticking out of both sides of his head. On his back is a "Kick Me Here!" sign. He has small wheels on his feet. The robot also has a possibly "taller" head, and sports fangs.

GameBoy Advance version

The robot's shorts are the same as the console version, but the colors are inverted to the normal Patrick's scheme (only the skulls are still red). The robot also has red glass eyes with white blank "pupils" and a large signal antenna (composed of a black rod with a think disc rim and a red lightbulb on the end) on the back of its head. It also has a large Jellyfishing net with a black shaft, and has no wheels (and thus walks and runs as normal).

Role in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom

In the console version of Battle for Bikini Bottom, the player can unlock his stage after getting 40 golden spatulas. He appears attacking Squidward with his ice-cream cone (presumably composed of waste barrels and toxic ooze), and then proceeds to freeze him in a block of ice. It is up to SpongeBob and Sandy to defeat him and rescue Squidward. He also appears in the GameBoy Advance version at Jellyfish Fields, chasing SpongeBob and Mystery. The player has to spit or jump on Bomb-Bot to defeated Robo-Patrick.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game

He can be seen on a picture frame during the level "Sundae Driving."

Happy Squared Double Pack

He had the some role as Battle for Bikini Bottom.

Battle for Bikini Bottom cutscenes

First/intro cutscene

  • Squidward: [screaming] [Robo-Patrick tries to smash Squidward and then freezes him]
  • Sandy: Wow! That robot looks like Patrick! And its breath smells just as bad.
  • SpongeBob: This day just doesn't seem to be getting any better.
  • Sandy: SpongeBob, hurry! Squidward's in more trouble than a chili reano and a pan of grease! We have to help!
  • SpongeBob: You're right, Sandy! But if that robot really is like Patrick, he'll eat us for dessert! What should we do? [Robo-Patrick licks the ice cream made of sludge]
  • Sandy: Well, we better figure something out, and pronto!
  • SpongeBob: Maybe that button on his back is a self-destruct! I'll try to hit it.
  • Sandy: Good idea, SpongeBob, but it's time to stop yapping and get to it!

Second cutscene

  • Robo-Patrick: [belches] [SpongeBob is scared, but yelps in victory and tries to help Squidward; Robo-Patrick wakes up and he freezes SpongeBob too]
  • Sandy: That does it! You pushed this squirrel too far! Get ready for a hot fudge twister, Texas style.

Third cutscene

  • Sandy: [Robo-Patrick pulls the switch and it breaks] Yoo-hoo! That's hotter than a June bug in July! [The hot sludge rises, freeing SpongeBob and Squidward from the ice]
  • SpongeBob: [He gets the bubble bowl out as Sandy is treating Squidward's injuries] It's time to roll out some robot punishment!

Fourth cutscene

  • Robo-Patrick: [screams] [He explodes]
  • Squidward: Thanks for saving me, guys! I never thought I'd say this, SpongeBob, but I owe you big time.
  • SpongeBob: Thank Sandy. We'd still be popsicles if it wasn't for her.
  • Sandy: Aw, shucks. You fellers are gonna make me blush.
  • SpongeBob: ...I think I have fudge in my pants.


This arena is a square-shaped drainage den (made up of three levels), with conveyor belts, a central platform, and two floating platforms. The whole arena is locked inside a big toxic pool that makes the battle impossible to escape. Squidward will be frozen on the right side of the arena, (alongside SpongeBob on the second phase), and does not affect the battle in anyway nor shields the player. 

Phase 1

At the first phase, the Robo-Patrick will pound his cone into the ground, which can be dodged easily by staying far from him. After his spit attack, the robot will perform his spinning attack. The player must not get hit or the robot will taunt. After avoiding the whole attack, the robot will become stunned and dizzy from the reckless spinning, and will be left open to any attack on his rear (Bubble Spin, Bubble Bowl, Cruise Bubble, Karate Chop and Karate Kick only). After getting hit via this method two more times, the second phase starts.

Phase 2

As SpongeBob is frozen after trying to save Squidward, Sandy takes over for the battle, and thus, the Texas hooks can now be used. However, the robot ditches its first initial attack, and after getting hit, Robo-Patrick will rush to the center of the drainage den and jump up to pull a lever that unleashes a wad of toxic waste from a large tanker suspended above the whole arena. The robot will drink from the toxic while doing so as well, and thus after it drops back down, it will belch out an array of toxic at her and Sandy will have to move fast (preferably with the swinging hooks) to avoid the attack. Due to the toxic waste taking up one level of the drainage den, Sandy cannot attack it without risk of getting hurt by the toxic, and thus after it gets itself dizzy as usual, Sandy must pull on the swing hooks to release crates for her to jump on to safely damage the robot's back. The robot will then pull the tanker's lever again (raising the waste up to level 2), and will perform its belch attack again. Note that the crates will be destroyed whenever they come into contact with the robot (either from the spin or by a crate falling on the robot).

Phase 3

The third phase then has the robot beforehand raise the whole waste level to the whole arena (barring the large central platform, the two rocket platforms, and the conveyor belts), thus limiting movements. Squidward is freed and SpongeBob re-enters the fight. If the third phase is progressed to normally, the belch attack, as usual, is performed, but if the third phase is restarted via a death, then it will not happen. The robot then adds the ice breath attack to its arsenal, so SpongeBob must take care not to get hit by it (he can be exposed to the spit, or either the toxic waste flood if he happens to be frozen in midair and right above it). The robot will then always be left dizzy by a conveyor belt, which is SpongeBob's cue to hit it with a Bubble Bowl (or a Cruise Bubble if this battle is being replayed). After the robot is defeated, the Cruise Bubble is rewarded to SpongeBob's moveset.

GBA Version 

In the GBA version, Robo-Patrick will try to strike SpongeBob with its net while chasing him all over Jellyfish Fields. Like with all the robot bosses (with the exception of Robo-Sandy), SpongeBob rides on Mystery, and must not get off of her. The objective is to flee the robot while swallowing bomb-robots on the way with Mystery, then spit them back at the robot to damage it (they must not be missed or otherwise a dead end will be reached). Touching the robot will mean instant death, thus SpongeBob must not slack.


Console (BFBB)

  • Spitting Industrial Waste: Robo-Patrick will lick his "toxic-cream", and then spit a drop of ooze at his target. Similar to some projectile attacks in the game, they will always hit certain areas to intercept SpongeBob or Sandy, so learning to bait the attack is key.
    • Toxic Upchuck: A variation of this attack occurs in phase 2, when Robo-Patrick belches a stream of industrial waste at Sandy, after he receives damage and raises the level of the pool. This can be easily avoided by swinging on the Texas trailer hitches. 
  • Ice Breath: Only in the third phase, the robot will perform its ice breath to refreeze SpongeBob, freezing him in place if hit. If frozen, Patrick will spit industrial waste at SpongeBob, freeing him, but will receive damage from his attack. 
  • Industrial Waste Spin: After performing all his attacks, the robot will spin around the arena (only within the first level of the den), while firing off toxic projectiles at every direction. The player can receive damage by making contact with the projectiles or Robo-Patrick if the player enters the first level of the den. 
  • "Ice-Cream Cone" Smash: Robo-Patrick will smash his ice-cream cone on the floor to release multiple projects. This attack is short range and can be avoided by keeping a distance. Only within the first phase. 


  • Net Strike: Robo-Patrick will strike SpongeBob with his jellyfish net when he gets too close. 


  • His portrait is an altered version of the normal Patrick's artwork during his freak-out in "Valentine's Day." (The shirt is removed and ice cream cone is changed. The colors are altered to match the robot's scheme, as well as having green sclera). This full artwork can be seen on some of the hittable TV's in some buildings on the Bikini Bottom hub level.
  • In the GBA version, his eyes look like Murkrow's from Pokémon.
  • This is one of the few robots to actually speak (via some of his sound effects in battle and his scream at the end of the last phase, which sound uncanny to the real Patrick himself).
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