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If you were looking for the article about the robber in a striped outfit, then see Robber.
If you were looking for the article about the the bank robber who appears in "Missing Identity" and "The Krabby Kronicle", then see Bank robber.
If you were looking for the article about the the robber who appears in "The Ghost of Plankton", then see Robber (The Ghost of Plankton).

The robber is the main antagonist of the comic The Housesitter.


He is a green fish with a purple dorsal fin and robber clothes, as well as pink gloves. In his meter reader attire, he has a red cap and bowtie, a blue shirt with a white one underneath, and purple pants and shoes.

Role in comic

When Mr. Krabs is going on a trip, the robber sees this as an opportunity to break into the house. He tries to get in through the window, thinking that since Krabs is cheap, he would not have security. But then the window gets slammed onto his face by SpongeBob, who is trying to get some fresh air. When the robber looks at SpongeBob, he thinks he is not the brightest being. When SpongeBob says he will clean up the house, the robber sees this as SpongeBob being kept busy.

When the robber thinks SpongeBob is coming with a vacuum, he goes on the other side where the bathroom window is, which is open. However, the robber sees that SpongeBob is shaking out filth from a brown towel, and sand fleas land in the robber's eyes, which sting the eyes.

Later, the robber tries to disguise himself as a meter reader. When he knocks on the door, SpongeBob doesn't come out, as he is listening to loud music. When he comes to SpongeBob's side, SpongeBob accidentally sprays water on the robber, where he realizes there is a meter reader. When the robber asks SpongeBob if he could read his gas meter, SpongeBob does not understand because of how the robber words it. When the robber clarifies, and SpongeBob tells him the location of the gas meter, he goes to fix it, but realizes he is doing something stupid.

While Mr. Krabs is leaving, he realizes he forgot his dental floss and runs back to his house. When the robber realizes this, he decides he needs to make a more direct approach, so he grabs Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs yells to SpongeBob for help, where SpongeBob sees the meter reader trying to get loot from Mr. Krabs. He gets a wallet and runs with it, but when he opens it, there is a smaller wallet inside, which contains many more smaller wallets, as he had been tricked by Mr. Krabs with the wallet gag.
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