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The robber is a character who first appears in the episode "The Card."


He is a fish with light olive green lips. In his first two appearances, he is orange. In "Insecurity Guards," he is green.

He wears the black and white striped outfit of a prisoner, as well as a black mask that covers his eyes and a black beanie. He wears light blue trousers.

Role in series

"The Card"

In the bank, SpongeBob is holding up the line. The robber, irritated, remarks to him about how some of the people have withdrawals to make. He actually meant that he was trying to steal from the bank, and SpongeBob was delaying him.

"Mermaid Man Begins"

During Mermaid Man's second story, the robber is used as an example of young Mermaid Man's crime fighting. The robber is seen robbing a bank, and Mermaid Man stops him.

"Insecurity Guards"

He robs the Bikini Bottom Museum of Everything.

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