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This is the page about the song from the episode of the same name. For other uses, see Ripped Pants (disambiguation).

"Ripped Pants" is a song featured in the episode of the same name. It is sung by SpongeBob, Incidental 22, the loser, and the whale. The song was written by Peter Straus and writer Paul Tibbitt. Strauss provides the singing voice of SpongeBob after the first verse.


SpongeBob: When I ripped [rips underwear] my pants,
I thought that I had everybody on my side,
But I went and blew it all sky high;
And now, she won't even spare a passing glance,
All just because I [rips underwear] ripped my pants.
Incidental 22, Loser, and whale: When Big Larry came 'round just to put him down,
SpongeBob turned into a clown;
And no girl ever wants to dance
With a fool who went and [rips pants] ripped his pants!
SpongeBob: I know I shouldn't mope around; I shouldn't curse,
But the pain feels so much worse.
Cause windin' up with no one is a lot less fun
Than a burn from the sun...
Incidental 22 and Loser: ...Or sand in your buuuuns!
SpongeBob: Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget,
So listen and you won't regret,
"Be true to yourself; don't miss your chance,
And you won't end up like the...
Everyone: ...fool who ripped his pants!"



SpongeBob (Italian) - Ripped Pants

  • In some overseas airings of "Ripped Pants" including Italy, the episode would end just when the concert was just beginning. This causes most of this song to be skipped, with only the first verse being heard.
  • This is the first song in the show sung by a character.
  • In certain dubs of this song, SpongeBob sings with his normal voice.
  • This song is similar to the song "Be True to Your School" by The Beach Boys.
  • This is the first song where SpongeBob sings with a completely different voice than his normal one.
  • SpongeBob's first line ("When I ripped my pants") is removed in SpongeBob's Greatest Hits and the other albums releases.
  • The Absorbing Favorites DVD includes a karaoke version, which removes all of the lyrics from the song.
SpongeBob Ripped Pants.jpg
  • There is a toy produced by Fisher-Price where SpongeBob sings this song and rips his pants. However, Tom Kenny sings the song instead of Peter Straus. The song is also shortened.
  • This is the first original song in the show.



SpongeBob SquarePants Ripped Pants instrumental