Rex is a pet worm that SpongeBob takes in after Gary left him in the episode "Dumped."


Rex is a large turquoise worm with yellow eyes. He wears a black collar. Rex pants and barks like a dog, like all worms in the series.

Role in series


Rex ironically leaves on the bus after SpongeBob praises his loyalty. Rex was only bought in an attempt to make Gary jealous and realize that he should return to his former master. The only trick he can do is "stay." He did not stay for long, considering the fact that he left almost immediately after he went to the bus stop. Afterward, Spongebob gets another new pet and says to himself “Who needs worms anyway?” and it is unknown where Rex went.

"The Clam Whisperer"

Rex, Mystery the Seahorse, and Lary the Snail are seen drinking out of a river with straws. SpongeBob and the clams he was following scare them away.


  • Rex is similar to the purple worm and Mr. Doodles, but he has a color shade of light teal.
  • Similar worms have appeared in other episodes, most recently in "Plankton's Pet."
  • The asset discs for SuperSponge contain two model sheets for Mr. Doodles that are mislabeled as "Rex the Worm."
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