The Retirement Zone is an alternate dimension where elderly people enter to retire. It appears in the comic Sidekick Blues.


The Retirement Zone is a monochrome dimension where any person who enters it becomes an intangible being, causing them to preserve their age and never grow older. It is inhabited by elderly people who have retired to pursue their own hobbies, with the most notable person being Edwardian Age Mermaid Man.

Role in comic

While Mermaid Man is commanding some sea creatures to do work for him, he gets a message from his Retirement Zone monitor that was sent by his old mentor, Edwardian Age Mermaid Man. He warns Mermaid Man to not take Barnacle Boy for granted, but he ignores the advice.

The Retirement Zone is later seen when Edwardian Age Mermaid Man watches Mermaid Man get defeated by the Commanding Conch, who is controlling Barnacle Boy. Edwardian Age Mermaid Man bemoans how he cannot help while in the Retirement Zone, but upon seeing Mermaid Man trapped he decides to leave the Retirement Zone to free Mermaid Man and help him defeat the Commanding Conch.

After Barnacle Boy defeats the Commanding Conch at the end of the comic, Edwardian Age Mermaid Man goes back to the Retirement Zone to enjoy his retirement.


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (VE)
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