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"Reef BFF's" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Citizens of the Reef short. In this short, sea creatures that depend on each other for survival are described. The short aired on Nick Jr. Australia.



In the beginning of the short, the narrator talks about best friends, using SpongeBob and Patrick as an example. He goes on to describe how many creatures in the Great Barrier Reef form unlikely friendships with other organisms in order to survive.

The narrator introduces the viewers to the many types of fish that form schools. Grouping together makes it easier for the fish to find food, escape predators, and find mates. A married couple of Bikini Bottomites is shown for comparison.

The boxer crab is then introduced; it uses pieces of anemones to protect itself from predators. He explains that the relationship is symbiotic because the anemones are able to feed on the food that the crab kicks up. The next friendship is between the goby fish and the pistol shrimp. The goby acts as a bodyguard for the shrimp, which creates a burrow that both the goby and the shrimp use to hide from predators.

The short ends with a recap of the Great Barrier Reef's deteriorating state and a call to action for Junior Citizens of the Reef.