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[[Category:One Appearance|Redbeard, Grandpa]]
[[Category:One Appearance|Redbeard, Grandpa]]
[[Category:Stubs|Redbeard, Grandpa]]
[[Category:Stubs|Redbeard, Grandpa]]

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Grandpa Redbeard Krabs (born October 13, 1899), age 111, is a pirate and the grandfather of Mr. Krabs. His only appearance was in Grandpappy the Pirate. Mr. Krabs' dad, Victor Krabs, was Grandpa Redbeard's son. Grandpa Redbeard looks like Mr. Krabs, except that he has an eye-patch, a beard, a darker shell and wears sailor clothes. He is a full-blooded pirate, and would love for Krabs to follow in his footsteps and become a pirate. He loves money, like Mr. Krabs, and is a pirate, that's special skill is stealing "Loot". Grandpa Redbeard had 8 children, there births and date of deaths are on Geneology of Grandpa Redbeards Children.


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