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Rea is a rich camper at Kamp Koral, and is the twin sister of Roh. She first appears in the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode "Tag, You're It," and later makes a cameo appearance in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Upturn Girls."


She is a short light pink fish with pink freckles, five large teeth, and dark pink fins on her head that resemble a crown. She wears a purple sleeved dress, a red kerchief, and black boots covered with pictures of gems.

After leaving Kamp Koral and growing up, Rea became much taller and now wears a purple sparkly dress with a pearl necklace and dark purple heeled boots.

Role in series[]

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

"Upturn Girls"[]

Rea Advertisement

The advertisement featuring Rea

An advertisement featuring Rea can be seen in Upturn's perfume department.

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years[]

"Tag, You're It"[]

She appears during the montage of the tagging song, where she and Roh watch Regigille serve food to Missy.

"Cabin of Curiosities"[]

She is seen sunbathing with Roh when SpongeBob and Patrick approach the twins and Missy, wanting to be friends. Missy assumes that their friendship costs money, and Rea pays the two $1,000. However, SpongeBob states that their friendship is free, shocking the rich campers and causing Rea to almost vomit as Roh fans her.

"Camper Gary"[]

She, Roh, and Regigille participate in the four-legged race, where the twins are carried by Regigille. As they race, SpongeBob, Sandy, and Gary suddenly ram into them, launching Rea and the others over a sand dune.

"Hot Pearl-tato"[]

Hot Pearl-tato 037

"Oh, Missy. You really do have the strangest taste in fashion accessories."

She is seen lounging around in the Yacht cabin with Roh, and jokingly comments on Missy's taste of fashion as she shows Pearl to the twins. Rea then panics when Pearl spits out a bead that ricochets around the room.

"Pat's A Li'l Sinker"[]

She and Roh are seen synchronized swimming together in Lake Yuckymuck when Larry tells them about the party SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are having at the bottom of the lake. The twins spread the word to Tall Tail before diving down to the party, and are later seen dancing with Missy. Rea and all the other campers in the lake are then punished by Mrs. Puff for sinking to the bottom.

"My Fair Nobby"[]

She, the other Yacht cabin campers and a civilized Nobby are in the Yacht cabin listening to Regigille's violin playing when Patrick interrupts and introduces Narlene, who has become civilized. Rea then watches as Nobby reveals that his snooty persona was a prank on Narlene.

"Wise Kraken"[]

Rea briefly watches the construction of the Komedy Kanteen with Roh.

"The Ho! Ho! Horror!"[]

Rea's name can be seen on Santa Claus' device when he reads about Kamp Koral, and she can later be seen sharing a present with Roh.

"Are You Afraid of the Dork?"[]

She is one of the attendees of the scary story telling competition, and gets captured when the Flying Dutchman arrives. After turning Missy into a badge, he frees Rea and Roh, who run away in fright.

"Help Not Wanted"[]

She and Roh are part of the bored crowd watching the sack races.

"Camp Crossbones"[]

She and Roh are attacked by Sandy's pirate crew, who demand their badges, so Rea relents and opens a secret compartment to a safe that has the badges. She later joins Mr. Krabs' navy crew as a lookout in the crow's nest, and helps in the fight against the pirates by cutting Patrick's swinging rope. She and the rest of Krabs' crew soon mutiny against Krabs when he reveals he has no more badges.

"Boo Light Special"[]

She and Roh go to the camp's general store to pick up an electric toothbrush that they ordered. The Flying Dutchman, who is running the store, secretly transforms the toothbrush into a cursed toothbrush and gives it to them. Rea and Roh later get caught in the toothbrush's webbing and has their teeth forcibly brushed, angering them and making them demand a refund.

"Painting with Squidward"[]

She and Roh enter the annual art competition with a diamond-encrusted angler fish skull, but Mr. Krabs dislikes it due to knowing who the skull belonged to, so he steals the diamonds and angers the twins. Rea and Roh later save themselves from Sandy's malfunctioning art machine by throwing the skull into it.

"Helter Shelter"[]

Rea hangs out in the Yacht cabin and plays polo on seahorse-back.

"Reveille Revolution"[]

She is woken up by Squidward's terrible clarinet playing, and she sticks money in her to block out the sound. She is later seen dancing with Roh and being served breakfast after she is woken by the Anchovellie.

"Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin?"[]

Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin 100

Rea and Upturn dancing.

Rea attends the Dinghies' party to show off S.A.L., and is seen dancing with Upturn, then talking to her and laughing. After Regigilled trips and falls on a cabinet, a punch bowl is spilled on Rea's head. S.A.L. then captures her in a trash bag and throws her outside.


Rea eats pancakes that Regigilled serves for breakfast. She later slips when SpongeBob fails to clean the floors properly and leaves soap on them, and she and Rea follow Upturn to Narlene's cabin so they can get Regigilled back.

"The Perfect Camper"[]

The Perfect Camper 022

Rea playing badminton.

Rea participates in the Kamp Koral Summer Games. Regigilled stretches her and Roh as a warmup, leaving them both dizzy. Rea wins against Roxy in a badminton match and is awarded a medal alongside her brother.