Randall "Randy" Cheeks is Sandy Cheeks' twin brother, the son of Pa and Ma Cheeks, the grandson of Grandpa Cheeks, the cousin of Earl Cheeks and Sandy, the grandnephew of Rosie Cheeks, and a descendant of Dark Knight and Western Cheeks. He lives in Texas and participates in rodeos. He is mentioned in the episode "Rodeo Daze."


Abilities and talents

Due to his relationship with his Sandy, he can pretty much do anything that she does, especially playing karate and rodeo.


Randy was born to Ma and Pa Cheeks with his twin sister, Sandra Cheeks.

At some point in his life, he was introduced to rodeos.


In the episode "Rodeo Daze," Sandy gets a letter from Randy telling her about a rodeo.


Sandy Cheeks

His relationship with his sister seems to be a fairly strong one. He has at least paid enough attention to her life to both know where she lives and invite her to rodeos.

Ma Cheeks

Ma Cheeks is Randy and Sandy's mother who most likely raised both of them in Texas along with Pa Cheeks.

Pa Cheeks

Pa Cheeks is Randy's and Sandy's father. He is Ma Cheeks' husband and most likely raised both Sandy and Randy in Texas along with his wife.

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