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Quasi-Gummy Chewy Candy Fish is a brand of candy that appears in the episodes "Ditchin'" and "Gas Station Vacation."


The candy fish come in a transparent bag with the product's name transcribed in yellow text on a red paper label on top that also depicts pictures of dark blue and lime-green fish on them. The candies themselves come in purple, magenta, lime green, yellow, and orange colors.

Role in series


At Goo Lagoon, the cops find these candies in Dale's pocket and send him to jail for "cannibalism."

"Gas Station Vacation"

These candies are one of the items Squidina grabs while at Gas Land.


  • These candies are a parody of Soylent Green from the 1973 dystopian film of the same name.
  • A similar cannibalism joke was used previously in "The Fry Cook Games" when Patrick swings some fry grease at an audience of fish and turns them into fish sticks, causing a fish to sell them.
  • These are a parody of the real-life candy Swedish Fish.
    • There are also some parallels between it and Sour Patch Kids, a candy shaped like human children which would also constitute as cannibalism if laws in the real world were just as irrational as they are in Bikini Bottom.