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A robot so diabolical, so devious, so adorable, that when people see it, they’ll have to say "awww," but that sound will transform it into a terrifying monster, that will eat them!
— Plankton introducing Q.T.-π

Q.T.-π is a robot who is the main antagonist of the episode "Say Awww!" It punishes anyone who says "Awww!" so that Plankton is seen as evil instead of cute.


Q.T.-π is a yellow robot duckling with rosy cheeks, a cyan bow tie, a square orange beak, small red wings with pale pink tips, and a green antenna on its head.


It appears as a huge white duck with a dinosaur-like build. It has a red bowtie, long legs, webbed feet with sharp toenails, light bulbs protruding from where the eyes are, a long, thin beak with sharp teeth, a wavy, long neck, zig-zagging arms, a white body, and a tail with a claw on the end.


Q.T.-π has the ability to transform into a large and powerful monster whenever it hears someone say "awww." As a monster its main method of attacking is devouring anyone that it sees. It is capable of devouring people by simply grabbing them with its beak, using a robot claw from inside its beak to grab and pull its victims inside, or by simply inhaling its victims. Anyone it eats ends up as prisoner in its quantum stomach prison which is capable of fitting nearly the entire population of Bikini Bottom. The top of the prison also has an emergency evacuation uvula. Pulling the uvula forces the robot to release its prisoners from the rear end by shooting them out like a cannon. Q.T.-π is also capable of shooting its victims out of its rear at will as seen when it was working as the main attraction of the Glove Launch. Its monster form also appears to have a headlight from the inside of its beak which allows it to see its victims in the dark.

Role in episode

Plankton builds this robot to punish anyone who thinks he's adorable. It activates when someone says "Awww!" and swallows said person instantly. Plankton is the first to fall victim to his own invention, which proceeds to go haywire across the town, swallowing everyone on the way. The swallowed people proceed to exit using the emergency uvula, but find out there are not enough people to escape. They form a crowd, and as SpongeBob is the last one swallowed, they lift him up and escape through the robot's rear end.

The robot later ends up working as a ride in Glove World! called the Glove Launch at the end of the episode through SpongeBob's inspiration to put its evil powers to good use.

Known prisoners

These are the following Bikini Bottomites that have been either shown to be inside Q.T.-π's quantum stomach prison or those who have been seen getting eaten by Q.T.-π and kept as a prisoner before the evacuation uvula was pulled.


  • Its name is pronounced the same way as "Cutie Pie," while being a pun on the aforementioned form of affectionate address.
  • Its voice has a similar inflection to Disney's Donald Duck.