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This is the page about the purple construction worker. For other uses, see Construction worker (disambiguation).

The construction worker is a character who first appears in the episode "Plankton's Army."


He is a tall, muscular dark purple fish who wears dark green pants and a hard hat when he is working.

Role in series

"Plankton's Army"

He is one of the tough fish shown at Tough Tavern, where Plankton goes to get some assistance in stealing the formula.

"Skill Crane"

He is one of the construction workers by the crane Squidward drives. He asks SpongeBob if he knows who Squidward is. He proceeds to chase Squidward, after he accidentally destroys the construction site.


He is in the crowd of the many muscular fish who watch Mr. Krabs and another fish arm wrestle at Larry's Gym.


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