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The purple cellmate is a character that appeared in the episode "Jailbreak!" He was one of Plankton's Cellmates.



The purple cellmate is mainly a large, male, light purple fish, with blue lips. He, along with the Whale cellmate, appears to be the strongest of the group.

"Patrick! The Game"

He appears blue in this episode.



The purple cellmate was first seen taking food from Plankton (not knowing who he was at the time). The purple Cellmate, along with Reggie, then beat up the Light blue cellmate for thinking that he was calling himself Plankton. The Purple Cellmate revealed that he and the others are big fans of Plankton because his chum is great in pulling off crimes. The purple cellmate then assists Plankton in breaking out of jail and breaking into the Krusty Krab. However, the purple cellmate, along with the others, were soon arrested at the end.

"Patrick! The Game"

The cellmate appeared twice in this episode, only he was blue. When Squidward was put in the jail box by Patrick, he is seen saying "Hey buddy, what're you in for?" and he appears at the end when Squidward is arrested.


  • The purple cellmate has more lines in "Jailbreak!" than any other of Plankton's cellmates.
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