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Puffy Fluffy is a character who first appears in the episode "A Pal for Gary" and serves as the episode's main antagonist. He reappears in the online games Gary's Revenge and What's Your Bikini Bottom Pet? and the episode "Gary & Spot."


Puffy Fluffy is a nudibranch who is able to transform into a monster.

Puffy Fluffy intimidating Gary in his regular form.

In his regular form, Puffy Fluffy is a round, light green, fluffy fish-like creature with a cyan pair of fins and rounded tail fin, pink, puffy lips with a single triangular tooth coming from them, big, shiny purple eyes with long eyelashes, and orange blushes on both cheeks. When agitated, he bares a set of long, jagged teeth.

Puffy Fluffy's monstrous form attacking Gary.

In his monstrous form, Puffy Fluffy turns into a giant, vicious serpentine monster. His coloration and jagged teeth largely carry over from his regular form, though he is radically different in appearance otherwise. His head slightly resembles that of a Dunkleosteus or Rhizodus, his eyes are circular and appear to lack a sclera, he lacks the fur of his normal form, his pair of fins turn into clawed hands with four digits each and a row of three scutes on the bottom-side of his forearms, his tail fin is more angular, he has a fin running down from the back of his head to his upper back, and his mouth hosts four tongues with mouths containing sharp teeth.


Puffy Fluffy appears to be an innocent being, but when near Gary when SpongeBob is not watching, he becomes hostile and displays aggressive behaviors such as snarling at Gary and destroying toys. In his monstrous form, he becomes even more aggressive, relentlessly attacking Gary after being discovered raiding the fridge and even attacking SpongeBob.

Role in series

"A Pal for Gary"

SpongeBob buys Puffy Fluffy so that Gary will not be lonely while he is at work. He takes him from a fortune teller, despite her warnings about how he is unstable and dangerous around other pets. SpongeBob names him Puffy Fluffy and is angered with Gary's scared behavior towards his new "friend." SpongeBob fails to notice anything wrong with Puffy Fluffy, despite Gary acting very abnormal around him.

SpongeBob blames Gary for everything the new pet does, even when seeing him in monster form when Gary is wrapped up by his tongues and almost gets eaten. Despite almost being eaten too, SpongeBob remains oblivious towards the situation.

Puffy Fluffy ends up running away after Gary attacks him in self-defense and to save SpongeBob. Despite saving his life, SpongeBob blames Gary for making Puffy Fluffy run away, even though the pet was dangerous and nearly ate both of them.

What's Your Bikini Bottom Pet?

He is one of the pets featured on the title screen in this online game.

"Gary & Spot"

He is seen in a cage at the animal shelter.


  • His harmless form looks similar to a piranha.
  • The multiple tongues inside of his mouth are a reference to the films Aliens and Tremors.
  • His species is never referred to by name in the episode "A Pal for Gary." It was confirmed to be "nudibranch" by source releases.
  • He is the only main episodic character from season 7 who does not appear on the cover of the Complete Seventh Season DVD.
  • In the Croatian dub, his name is "Čupavko," which means "Hairy."
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  • A purple nudibranch similar to Puffy Fluffy appears in "Gary & Spot."