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The protein power shake is a drink that appears in the episode "Larry the Floor Manager."


It comes in a blue cup with a red straw, a clear light blue top, and a red David star design drawn on the cup. The drink itself is light green.

Role in episode

Larry replaces Krabby Patties with protein power shakes. Larry gives one to SpongeBob, who drinks it and does not like it.

Larry tells SpongeBob and Squidward to give the customers their protein power shakes. SpongeBob gives one to Peterson Nat Tucker, who is on the rock climbing wall. The protein power shake drops on his head and he falls off the wall. Squidward tries to give one to a customer but he trips on the hurtles. Bubble Bass eventually tastes the shake and calls it a horrible substance.

After Squidward's escape plan fails, he gives SpongeBob a plan to sabotage Larry's training sessions. SpongeBob does his plan but forgets to untangle Squidward. His plan is to put butter, lard, and mayonnaise in the protein power shakes. He gives them to Larry and his friends. However, instead of drinking them, Larry puts it on his chest.