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You just have to believe in yourself. You’ve just gotta belieeeve!
— Princess Mindy in, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Princess Mindy is King Neptune's daughter and the future queen of the sea. She knows the names of all the sea creatures and is a good friend of SpongeBob and Patrick. Patrick has a huge crush on her, which both Mindy and SpongeBob are oblivious to. Mindy first appears in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Sherm Cohen was the designer of Mindy. According to Cohen's blog, Mindy is around 13 or 14-years-old.[1]

Mindy makes a surprise cameo appearance in "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," which is also her series debut, nearly 15 years after she appeared in the movie. Previously, she never appeared in the show because of a firewall between Nickelodeon and Paramount from 2004 to 2015 that prevented designs from the movie from being used in the show.[2]


Mindy, SpongeBob, and Patrick confronting Plankton and Karen

Mindy is a teenage mermaid with light green skin, a darker green tail and dark blue hair. She has some freckles above her nose. She wears round black glasses, a yellow hair bow, a golden bracelet and a pink crop-top with puffy sleeves, purple edges on the bottom of the sleeves and a red heart symbol in the middle.

She’s known to use "mermaid magic" to help others overcome their fears, but there really is not any mermaid magic; it is just fake. Mindy tries to get SpongeBob and Patrick to keep going when they give up their journey, so she convinces them that she has "mermaid magic" and uses it to "turn them into men" by pulling seaweed out of the ground and putting them on their noses, successfully helping them by tricking them into thinking that they are real mustaches. Dennis reveals the trick after SpongeBob and Patrick pass through the trench.

Mindy is considered by Patrick to be very beautiful and good-hearted and has a deep love for all the ocean-dwellers.


Mindy shows compassion to her subjects

Unlike her father, she shows more compassion toward her and her father's subjects. This is best seen when she saved the royal crown polisher from spending time in the dungeon, since he was simply doing his job and criticized her father for enforcing the law with harsh and unfair punishments. She also stated she has memorized the names of all the fish in the sea, something she stated was going to help her be queen.

She also encourages Patrick and SpongeBob to continue to Shell City, despite the others doubting them. She was even guilty that she lied to them that they became men, which caused them to run into danger with overconfidence but was happy they succeeded.


  • In the video game adaptation of the movie, Mindy reveals she actually does have mermaid magic, which she uses to get the Patty Wagon back in exchange for 50 Goofy Goober tokens.
  • She knows the names of all the sea creatures.
  • It’s also certain that King Neptune will crown her queen one day.
  • Princess Mindy is not seen or mentioned in "The Clash of Triton." Triton is stated to be Neptune's only child in this episode, but Mindy is Triton's sister.
    • The reason for this was due to Paramount forbidding Nickelodeon from using any elements from the movie in the show until 2015.