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The Primitive Sponge (65,000,000 - 23,000,000 BC) (age 42,000,000 at death) is seen in the episode "SB-129". He and his friend Primitive Star are not very smart because they did not have any common

Primitive Sponge

sense or logic but they could understand Squidward when he said "Give me those loin cloths" even though Indo-European languages like Squidward's mother tongue; English. He met the present Squidward after he traveled back in time from 4017 when he peeked into some kelp and he saw the primitive sponge. He has fangs probably for eating fresh meat.


This character lived at least 1,000,000 years prior to the normal series. Primiate Sponge is low on intelligence due to the fact that he is a Neanderthal-like creature. He is not to be confused with his possible descendant SpongeGar.


  • Willingly getting stung by a jellyfish (witnessed by squidward)
  • Jellyfishing (caused by Squidward)
  • Making Loincloths (possibly, A new one appeared as He gave Squidward the loincloth)
  • Destroying sources of annoying sound (Case in point. Squidward's clarinet)


  • Primate Sponge is believed to be one of SpongeBob's ancestors.
  • Primate Sponge is very similar to SpongeBob's other ancestor, SpongeGar, except that SpongeGar can at least talk, but not like SpongeBob can.
  • Primate Sponge came before SpongeGar.
  • Unlike SpongeBob and SpongeGar, Primate Sponge does not have any pets.
  • The kelp he was eating in was possibly an ancestor to SpongeBob's present day pineapple.
  • Primate Sponge seemed to dislike Squidward. This is ironic because the real Spongebob likes Squidward. It can be explained however by the following.
  1. Primitive Sponge could've been angry at Squidward when he played his clarinet, badly.
  2. Primitive Sponge could've just been territorial
  3. He could've been protecting his coral meal
  4. Given his ultra primative behavior he could've thought squidward was some kind of angry diety
  5. Maybe Squidward is the same in 1,000,000+ BC that he is now, not liked that much
  • Primative Sponge has two sharp teeth jutting from the top of his mouth, suggesting Buck Teeth run in the squarepants family
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