Money! Money! Ooga booga! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Ooga boo...Agh!
— One of the Prehistoric Krabs roaming around, "Ugh"

The Prehistoric Krabs were small crabs that Patar ate with his stick in the episode "Ugh."


The Prehistoric Krabs are miniature and prehistoric versions of Mr. Krabs. They have the same eye shape as him and have big, black bushy eyebrows and big claws. They only have one tooth on their bottom jaw.


They have the same exact characteristics as Mr. Krabs, being single-minded in a goal to obtain money, and they also look and sound like him. Patar enjoys eating them. The Prehistoric Krabs dwell under rocks.

Role in episode

One Prehistoric Krabs first appears when SpongeGar teaches Patar on how to properly roast food. He squashes one with his foot and he picks it up with Patar's stick and gives it to Patar to roast in the fire and eat it afterward. Later, Patar lifts up a rock revealing many prehistoric mini versions of Mr. Krabs dwelling, who all dance around and exclaim "Money!"


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