Prawn is a mini-boss who fights in the Mermalair during the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. He was classified as Mermaid Man's arch-nemesis. He also briefly appears in the game SpongeBob's Truth or Square.


Prawn is a long light blue shrimp with a mustache, a big nose, black tuxedo, two arms and feet, and a tail.

During his battle in Battle for Bikini Bottom, he is the same size as Plankton and carries a large backpack with a large tube on it.

Role in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom

After entering the Villain Containment Area in the Mermalair, Barnacle Boy informs SpongeBob that the Mermalair's Villain Containment System power has been cut due to shutting down the security system. Barnacle Boy also notices that Prawn has been freed. After being reminded, Mermaid Man becomes so enraged, making SpongeBob curious to what Prawn has done to the superhero. Barnacle Boy reveals that Prawn once put all of Mermaid Man's white clothes in the washer with a red sock, making all of his clothes pink.

After being defeated, he is once again trapped and slowly being frozen. Mermaid Man congratulates SpongeBob and rewards him with a golden spatula that he found on his sock drawer.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square


Prawn as he cameos in SpongeBob's Truth or Square.

Prawn reappears briefly in the console versions of SpongeBob's Truth or Square inside a giant glass jar in the Mermalair. He was located in the exact spot where he was defeated in the previous game. When approached, SpongeBob will be surprised and mistakenly calls him Man Ray or Dr. Shrimp.


Prawn's primary attack is sending sound waves from his horn toward SpongeBob that the latter must jump over to avoid damage. Prawn is also surrounded by the blinking panels seen in earlier parts of the Mermalair. When his health gets lower, Prawn summons Ham-Mers out of his pack to aid him in battle. The only way to defeat Prawn is to wait until the panels on the ground form a straight line and SpongeBob must use his Bubble Bowl technique to damage him by rolling one down the panels that are white. Prawn must be damaged three times to be defeated. Upon his defeat, Prawn is frozen and wonders if this is his end.


  • Prawn has a French accent.
  • Prawn gets his name from a type of shrimp.
  • Prawn is the only non-robot boss in Battle for Bikini Bottom exclusive to the game.


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