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Potty the Parrot is Patchy the Pirate's pet parrot, who acts as the co-host of SpongeBob SquarePants. The name "Potty" is a parody of the popular parrot saying, "Polly wanna cracker." Potty is a crudely designed marionette with strings who is usually obnoxious and annoying toward Patchy.

Potty's gender is ambiguous. In SpongeBob Airpants: The Lost Episode, female pronouns are used for Potty throughout, like "Potty flapped her wings."[2] Potty lays eggs in "Christmas Who?" and "The Sponge Who Could Fly," which only female parrots can do. Potty's name is a play on Polly, a female name. However, Patchy says, "his" when referring to Potty in the fifth season episode "Friend or Foe." When asked about Potty's gender in 2017, Vincent Waller said: "It is only a puppet, with no telltale signs of gender."[1]

In the Serbian dub, Potty's gender is labeled as a male.

Potty's voice is raspy and high-pitched. The voice was originally provided by the series' creator, Stephen Hillenburg from 2000 to 2004. Paul Tibbitt took over the role from 2007 to 2012. Since the season 10 episode "Feral Friends" in 2017, the character has been voiced by Doug Lawrence.[7]


Character concept

Potty on Patchy's shoulder.

Potty is a small green parrot with a flower-shaped collar, a tuft of red and yellow feathers for "hair," and big googly eyes.

Potty is a marionette parrot character in the series and the co-host with Patchy the Pirate. Potty appears alongside Patchy whenever he hosts a special episode. Potty is usually shown to be sarcastic and snarky towards Patchy, forming a rivalry between the two. However, after their squabbles, they usually forgive each other and remain friends.

Rivalry with Patchy

Despite being labeled as Patchy's best friend, Potty is a frequent pest to Patchy, and is sometimes an antagonist in the live-action segments, although they usually make up by the end of the episode.

In "Shanghaied," Potty shoots Patchy out of a cannon.

In "Ugh," Potty ruins Patchy's caveman show by becoming a futuristic cyborg and bringing in a robot. At the end of the show, Potty gives Patchy a pet T. rex as an "apology present."

In "Friend or Foe," Patchy and Potty get into a fight while working as fry cooks at The Poop Deck, temporarily ending their friendship, which makes Patchy upset. Patchy compares this to how Plankton and Mr. Krabs became enemies, starting the main story of the episode.

In "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!," Patchy finds Santa's workshop, but it turns out to be a polar bear's cave, while Potty manages to find the real Santa's workshop and laughs at Patchy, along with Santa.

In "Feral Friends," Potty bites Patchy's hand after agreeing to forgive him.


Potty has been damaged and/or destroyed on multiple occasions, but always returns in the next scene or episode.

In "Christmas Who?," Patchy cuts the strings that Potty is attached to, causing the puppet to fall to the ground. Later in that same episode, Patchy pulls on the strings, causing what seems to be a cast member to fall from the ceiling. Again in the same episode, Potty eats too much cookie dough and breaks apart from the weight, leaving only Potty's head intact.

At the end of the "Patchy's Pick" segment from "Shanghaied," Potty is blown up by dynamite.


A rough storyboard for the first movie, showing Potty's string puppet on the left.

  • In the animatic version of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie that's included on the special features of the DVD release, Potty's string puppet was meant to appear. In the final film, Potty was replaced by a real parrot, but Stephen Hillenburg still used the same exact voice for it.[8]
    • According to showrunner Vincent Waller, this replacement was "because the movie folks don't really understand [Patchy and Potty's] appeal. Intentionally low production values scare them."[9]
  • In the Croatian dub, Potty's name is Pero, which translates to "feather" and is a common name for a bird in Croatia.

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