The SpongeBob SquarePants 20th anniversary Portal

The portal that includes all the activities and events related to the 20th anniversary.


Post User Date
Introduction Spongebob456 January 5, 2019
NEW chat features Spongebob456 January 31, 2019
Discuss Mod chat icon TheKorraFanatic January 31, 2019
Ranking episodes (top 10) Spongebob456 February 7, 2019

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New designs [wordmark + background (contest)]
Forum posts asking users their favorite moments from the series
More chat meetups which can include quizzes
Perhaps a new quiz feature on the wiki (apester integrator)
Show memories page {similar to these two}
Mainpage countdown to the anniversary
More chat emoticons
Reviewing every episode in the show, determining a winner [ESB:Reviews]
Live watching episodes together while in the chat
SpongeBob documentary created by ESB
Question & Answers session with the SB crew in Special:Chat
Chat eulogy and reflection on the show's growth over the years and milestones.
SpongeBob Trivia
Resuscitating the "chat meetup" revival event, monthly.
More customization
Daily challenge to draw SpongeBob characters and see who has the best drawing.