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The Popper is an enemy character in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


Poppers are generally medium-sized characters with guns. When approached by SpongeBob or Patrick, Poppers will hide and try to shoot them after reappearing.

In the level "Now That We're Men...," they are deep-sea snails. They are green and have one eye on top of a stalk. They have green shells with dark green spirals on the side and yellow glowing spots on the top. They also have vertically striped stomachs and guns that are attached to their shells' back.

In the level "Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions," they are fish under the control of Plankton. They are light green with dark green fins and lips. They wear red, collared v-shirts, and Chum Bucket bucket helmets on their heads. On their backs, they have two large gray cylindrical containers that have lids resembling three Chum Bucket bucket helmets stacked one on top of the other. Attached to the containers is a two-barreled gun with sights and a tube leading to the containers.


  • Hiding
  • Spread shot

Role in game

Poppers are the seventh type of enemy introduced in the game, and they first appear in the level "Now That We're Men..." When approached by SpongeBob or Patrick, Poppers will dig into the ground and pop up somewhere next to them. They will also use their guns to shoot three green projectiles in a spread shot. Due to their hiding ability, Poppers can only be defeated with long-ranged attacks like SpongeBob's Sponge-Bowl.

All Poppers take two hits to defeat, and the Trench Poppers give the player 60 manliness points when defeated, while the Planktopolis Poppers give the player 140 manliness points.


  • They are most likely inspired by the Tar-Tar from Battle for Bikini Bottom, as they both attack with guns that shoot three projectiles at a time.
  • There were originally going to be Goofy Goober-themed Poppers, but they were never implemented. Concept art of them still exists.