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Poop Deck Draw Down is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.

It is a card game.



Be the first player to collect four cards with matching numbers or faces and grab the spatula from the table.


Once the cards are dealt, choose the card the player wants to discard and click on it. This will pass the card to the character on the player's left. When the player passes a card, the player will automatically receive a new card. Each player receives and discards their cards as quickly as possible to be the first player with four of a kind.

The first player with four of a kind may grab a spatula.

The first player that grabs a spatula must have four of a kind or they will receive a jellyfish strike.

Once a player with four of a kind reaches for a spatula, all players are free to grab one. There's always more players than spatulas, so the player without a spatula receives a jellyfish strike.

Three Jellyfish Strikes and a player is out.


Face cards are worth more than other cards. Collecting them will raise the player's score.

Ace and 2-10 are worth 5 points.

Face Cards are worth ten points.



Play Poop Deck Drawn Down

Play Poop Deck Drawn Down


  • Patrick says, "Leedle-leedle-leedle-lee!" when the player gets shocked, which he previously said in "Shanghaied."
  • The title and end screens plays a looped version of The Flying Dutchman.


  • Even though SpongeBob is wearing the dealer's hat, the player is the one who deals.
  • Squidward's losing sound goes longer than it takes for him to fade away.
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