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Polene Puff was Mrs. Puff's western ancestor. She was a dancer at the Krusty Kantina and one of the main residents of Dead Eye Gulch who appears in the episode "Pest of the West." She shared a seahorse-drawn carriage with her two good friends, William Krabs and Hopalong Tentacles.


She looks almost identical to the modern-day Mrs. Puff: a pufferfish with short, stubby fins and blonde hair. The only difference between her and Mrs. Puff are their hairstyle and clothing. She wears a light purple dress and a long magenta feather in her hair, clipped in with a blue barrette. Her hair is longer and curlier than Mrs. Puff's.


"Pest of the West"

She is one of the four main residents of Dead Eye Gulch who help SpongeBuck SquarePants work up the courage to defeat Dead Eye Plankton.

In the song "Dead Eye," Polene tells SpongeBuck that Dead Eye makes all the girls cry. Later, she, William, and Hopalong try to ride their carriage out of town to avoid Dead Eye. However, Dead Eye catches up to them and steals the clothes off their backs, forcing them to wear their pajamas. Polene gives up and tells SpongeBuck that they have lost because Dead Eye took everything.

SpongeBuck rallies the others together and tells them if they all team up together, they can stand up to Dead Eye Plankton and run him right out of Dead Eye Gulch for good. Polene takes part in the group huddle and agrees. SpongeBuck gets the encouragement from the others to defeat Dead Eye, but they decide to hide during the actual fight.

At the end of the episode, Polene lets out her anger and stomps on Dead Eye Plankton multiple times.

Unidentified Laughing Objects

In this joke book, an image of Polene Puff is used in place of Mrs. Puff.

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