The polar bear is an animal who appears in the episode "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!"


The polar bear has white fur, a black nose, red eyes, and purple eyelids.

Role in episode

Patchy the Pirate steals a mail truck and a literal fork in the road causes him to swerve out of control. The truck ends up in a snow bank, leaving Patchy and Potty the Parrot to have to set up camp. Eventually, Potty gets hungry and sees Patchy's head as a Christmas-tree-shaped, bird seed cookie. He starts pecking at Patchy's head. While this is going on, Patchy sees a nearby cave with a sign that reads "Santa's workshop." There are also four signs telling him to enter the cave. Patchy runs into the cave.

After he tells Santa what he wants for Christmas, Santa starts sprinkling salt on Patchy. It is soon revealed to be a mirage and Patchy is shown to be on the leg of the polar bear, who is sprinkling salt on Patchy. He then runs out of the cave with the polar bear chasing behind.


  • The polar bear has a bigger salt shaker than Santa does.
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