Planktonamor Plankton was a medieval ancestor of Plankton and was just as evil. He lived in a castle with his wife Karen the Crystal Ball, in a dark landscape and on somewhat of a hill, close to medieval Bikini Bottom. He was the main antagonist of the episode "Dunces and Dragons."


Planktonamor looks old-aged, considering that he has a grayish-white beard. He looks averagely the same as Plankton, but he wears a big light purple cloak with a brown belt in the middle. He is still the same size as Plankton. His eye and antennae are also the same as Plankton's.


After kidnapping Princess Pearl, he was found by SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidly, and The Dark Knight, and was almost victorious, but was zapped by his own Dragon Jellyfish after it ate SpongeBob's Krabby Patty and became obedient to SpongeBob.


  • Planktonamor was one of the few characters that could actually use magic.
  • Like his descendant, he was enemies with the Mr. Krabs of his era.
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  • Doug Lawrence provided the voice of Planktonamor, however he is uncredited.
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