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Plankton's robot carolers are robots that are the main antagonists in the online games Frosty Fling! and Merry Mayhem!


They are silver robots with antennas sticking out on either side, and they have red eyes. They also wear red and green scarves around their necks and red winter hats with a blue stripe.

Role in games

Merry Mayhem!

Plankton has a robot-caroler army coming towards the Krusty Krab in the winter and the player needs to help SpongeBob protect the restaurant.

Frosty Fling!

On a winter day, SpongeBob is skating on ice. Plankton has some remote-controlled robot carolers, but he could use one more caroler to fill in the group. Plankton decides to use his enemy SpongeBob. However, SpongeBob does not want to be part of Plankton's robot carolers and must escape them.

The player has to help SpongeBob skate fast enough to escape Plankton's robot carolers that chasing after him.

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