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Plankton's Crane is a vehicle that only appears in the episode "Walking Small." It is owned by Sheldon J. Plankton.


It is a small crane that is designed as a white and red boat with black tracks under it with a crane with a purple fist resembling the one seen at the top of the Chum Bucket attached to the front boat.


Plankton plans on using his crane in order to help build the Mega Bucket on Goo Lagoon. However, this proves difficult due to the Bikini Bottomites getting in his way and not listening to his threats. However, Plankton manages to trick SpongeBob SquarePants into driving away all of the Bikini Bottomites with his assertive behavior. Plankton is seen on his crane where he is carrying the fist for the Mega Bucket. Unfortunately for him, SpongeBob puts a stop to this by being nice and all of the Bikini Bottomites come back.
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