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Pizza Piehole is a restaurant that first appears in the episode "SpongeBob You're Fired." It is managed by Pizza Pete.




The front of the restaurant is a green building and has a giant pepperoni pizza as a logo. The logo wording color is in dark and light red. There is also a light red chimney on the side of the building.


The inside of the restaurant has a green and light green floor with blue walls. There are tables and crates, used as chairs, along the side of the building. There is a pizza oven that is used to bake the pizzas inside the dining area.

Role in episode

This is the second place SpongeBob goes for a new job after he had been fired from the Krusty Krab and Weenie Hut. SpongeBob tries to apply for a job here, but he is fired after creating a Pizza Patty, contrary to what Pizza Pete wants and is deemed an abomination.

Later in the episode, Pizza Pete ties SpongeBob's hands with the breadstick and kidnaps him in an attempt to rehire him because supposedly the customers really liked the Pizza Patties. Pizza Pete ends up getting in a big fight with the other restaurant owners until SpongeBob is rescued by a giant Killer Krabby Patty, who turns out to be Squidward in disguise.