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Pizza Pete is an antagonist and the owner of the restaurant establishment Pizza Piehole who appears in the episode "SpongeBob You're Fired," the online game of the same name, and the book You're Fired!


Pizza Pete is a light teal fish with light pink lips. He wears a light tan pizza costume with pepperoni and olive toppings.


He is shown to have a hostile and nasty side, as he turned down SpongeBob's request for a job in an unprofessional way and went as far as to kidnap him. He also falsely imprisons SpongeBob by handcuffing him with breadsticks and kidnaps him, showing his criminal side.

Although he is initially portrayed as having a distaste and dislike for the Krusty Krab, he is shown to like their food at the end of the episode.

Role in episode

SpongeBob visits Pizza Pete at Pizza Piehole after being denied a job by Weenie Hut. Pete is happy to see that he can handle a pizza, so he hires him. However, he soon fires him due to him making a Pizza Patty, which is not what he wants his restaurant to serve.

Later on, Pizza Pete kidnaps SpongeBob and forces him to work at his restaurant, since it turns out that his customers were fond of the Pizza Patties. In the end, he and the other restaurant owners get into a big fight and are soon defeated by the Killer Krabby Patty.

He and the other restaurant owners who kidnapped SpongeBob are seen eating Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab near the end of the episode.


  • Pizza Pete is the only restaurant owner to mention the Krusty Krab, even though the rest of them are seen eating there at the end of the episode.