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Pint Bottom is a version of Bikini Bottom that was themed around ice cream. It is found inside the tub of vanilla ice cream and appears in the comic strip CreamBob ConePants.



It is an ice cream-themed version of Bikini Bottom, with ice cream-themed versions of the main characters. The inhabitants and most objects were edible. It was found inside the tub of vanilla ice cream.

Role in comic

When SpongeBob and Patrick enter the tub of vanilla ice cream, they stumble upon Pint Bottom, where they meet CreamBob ConePants. He gives SpongeBob and Patrick a tour and introduces them to his friends.

SpongeBob and Patrick become hungry, and CreamBob offers them an ice cream cake and an ice cream sandwich, before telling them to check the ice cream truck. SpongeBob and Patrick quickly devour said ice cream truck, before quickly devouring Pint Bottom and all its inhabitants.

Associated characters

Known locations

  • CreamBob's house
  • Popsic's house
  • Sherbet's house
  • Goober Lagoon


  • Its name is a reference to a pint, a unit of measuring.
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