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*Pinhead Larry, along with Dirty Dan, have become popular Internet memes.
*Pinhead Larry, along with Dirty Dan, have become popular Internet memes.
*Pinhead Larry‘s name is compared to this of Pinhead from horror film series, ''Hellraiser,'' which technically the character is really officially doesn't really have a name and Clive Barker, the creator of the ''Hellraiser'' franchise really hates the name, "Pinhead."
*He is one of many characters named "Larry" on the show, with the others being [[Larry Luciano]], [[Larry the Lobster]], [[Lary the Snail]], [[Larry (SpongeBob's family)|Larry SquarePants]], and [[Lucky Larry's|Lucky Larry]].

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Who ya callin' pinhead?
— Pinhead Larry, "Survival of the Idiots"

Pinhead Larry is a criminal in Sandy's dream who is mentioned in the episode "Survival of the Idiots." Later, both his and his partner's graves are seen in the episode "Shopping List."


It is suggested that the reason Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry are criminals is tax evasion.[1]


"Survival of the Idiots"

Sandy references him in a dream during hibernation as a Texas outlaw, before SpongeBob and Patrick create a game where they fight over the titles of Pinhead Larry and Dirty Dan. During this fight, Sandy confronts them while sleepwalking and asks who the real Dirty Dan is. 

"Shopping List"

Both his and Dirty Dan's graves are seen in this episode. 




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