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I'm telling ya, that is a blue-feathered north-western pie dragon! So calm down guys! It only eats pies!
— Rube describing the pie dragon.

Pie dragon is a dog who appears in the episode "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout."


She is a regular white goldendoodle with curly fur. She also wears a black collar that is often connected to the dog walker's leash. 

Role in episode

She first appears during the tour with the dog walker when the fish in the tank all got freaked out by her, but Rube says that she is a harmless "pie dragon" that only eats pies, mistaking the frisbee for a pie. But she then takes a drink from the bus tank, which causes everyone to freak out even more, causing Rube to escape her.

Later in the park, the dog walker plays with her, throwing a frisbee that she should catch. Later, at the middle and the end, she transforms into this bizarre human hybrid while walking with the workers from the gorilla mask company to the Trusty Slab.

At the end, she waves goodbye to the gang in the tank while playing frisbee with her owner.