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Pickles are a common ingredient used in Krabby Patties and a favorite of Bubble Bass'. They first appear in the episode "Plankton!" but have their first main role in the episode with the same name. They have appeared in numerous episodes since.


A pickle is a green cucumber that has been pickled in a brine, vinegar, or other solution and left to ferment for some time. They are most often sliced into individual pieces and added to sandwiches.

Role in series


While SpongeBob lists Krabby Patty ingredients, pickles are one of them, and are shown in real-life representation of a Krabby Patty.


Pickles are the driving point of this episode. SpongeBob is reminded by Bubble Bass that he forgot to put pickles on his Double Triple Bossy Deluxe, which destroys his memory of how to make a Krabby Patty, let alone do anything.

Toward the end of the episode, it is revealed by SpongeBob that Bubble Bass had been hiding the pickles under his tongue the whole time, among many other belongings of the Bikini Bottomites.

"Neptune's Spatula"

While making a Krabby Patty during a cook-off with King Neptune, SpongeBob adds a smiley face and eyes on two pickles and tucks them in "bed" with a slice of cheese to tell them a bedtime story.

"Patty Hype"

SpongeBob is too distracted listening to the sound of two pickle slices being rubbed together to make a squeaky sound to save Mr. Krabs from an angry mob.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV"

After finding Mermaid Man's secret utility belt at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob begins using it to shrink various things in the restaurant, including a barrel of pickles.

Patrick grabs a shrunken Squidward and a pickle of his own and pretends to make them kiss. After being shrunk himself and placed in a jar with Squidward, he remarks "My pickle started out in a jar, and now it's in one again! It's like...a pun or something."

Road Trip in 3-D!

They are seen when SpongeBob and Patrick were looking for the key for the Patty Wagon.

"That's No Lady"

After being told to move out of town by a salesman, Patrick packs many things in his suitcase that belongs to SpongeBob, some of which are pickles.


SpongeBob uses pickles on his leg burns, believing that pickles are like cucumbers, only for the vinegar to burn them even more.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

When SpongeBob and Patrick are battling, Plankton starts shooting pickles at SpongeBob and Patrick, which makes it raining pickles and French fries.

"The Incredible Shrinking Sponge"

SpongeBob, having shrunk and lost his pants, uses a pickle slice to censor his crotch area.

"Hiccup Plague"

When everyone is trying to help SpongeBob's hiccups go away, As a refrence to the episode Pickles, Bubble Bass comes up with an idea for SpongeBob to try eating Pickles, he has Pickles under his tongue like how he did in episode, After this, SpongeBob tries all the things the people said might work, including this, SpongeBob eats a jar pickles to try to stop it, but it does not work.


  • Pickle juice has been known to cause different effects on the characters.
    • In "Pressure," Sandy can somehow breathe normally with a pickle jar on her head even though the pickle juice could easily hurt her eyes.
    • In "Company Picnic," Squidward gets pickle juice in one of his eyes and feels pain.

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