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The peanut worms are Mrs. Puff's pets who appear in the episode "Growth Spout."


They are light and dark tan and look like big peanuts with long eyestalks. They squirt out gooey light green liquid as a form of self-defense when provoked.

Role in episode

They are all in Mrs. Puff's vegetable garden when Mr. Krabs tries to steal them from the garden, as he has to give food to Pearl, who is having her growth spurt and is getting even hungrier by everything she eats. Mr. Krabs thinks that the peanut worms are regular peanuts, but he then finds out that they are peanut worms upon being spit liquid on by.


  • In the episode "MuscleBob BuffPants," the TV shark in the commercial for Anchor Arms taunts the viewer by calling him "a peanut worm."
  • Peanut worms are commonly called Sipuncula in real life.
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